Man found in stolen truck gets 90 days jail

Thirty-six-year-old man regrets being found in a stolen truck with other stolen items

A man jailed for possessing a stolen truck  wants to turn his life around so he can get his three children out of foster care.

“I’m very sorry for what I’ve done…I realize I made a big mistake,” said Richard Humphries from a jail cell in Victoria.

Humphries, 36, appeared by video on Monday in Campbell River provincial court.

After pleading guilty to a single count of possessing stolen property under $5,000, the remaining four charges were stayed by the Crown.

According to prosecutor David Fitzsimmons, on Feb. 8, Humphries was observed driving a green and white pickup truck on the Island Highway near the Black Creek store.

That’s when an RCMP officer noticed that one of the wheels looked like it was ready to fall off. When the officer pulled over the truck, he noticed the driver, Humphries, was acting suspiciously.

It turned out the truck had been stolen from Quadra Island, near Quadra Builders, on Jan. 24. Also found in the cab were a BC Ferries pay pass card and a gas card, both stolen.

He was taken into custody and has remained behind bars since then. Humphries as one prior conviction for theft and two for possessing stolen property.

However, he pleaded guilty at a early date, noted defence lawyer Tom Bishop, so that he can change his life and to try and regain custody of his children.

Bishop told the court that Humphries has had a rough time since his marriage broke up in 2009. In the end, he was sentenced to 90 more days in jail.