Man busted twice in a month

Robert Hodder, 28, of Campbell River gets 14 more months jail following trafficking convictions

When the undercover cops went looking for drug dealers, they weren’t expecting to be propositioned.

“The officers were a little surprised,” said federal Crown prosecutor Paul Corbett.

The two plain clothes officers in an unmarked car were driving through Campbellton last Nov. 2, when the prostitute offered her services. The officers declined, but told her they “needed to get some powder.”

She took them to Robert Hodder’s residence, a drug house already known to officers. They suspected Hodder, 28, would recognize their unmarked police car. As well, a video security camera was set up outside the front door.

So the Mounties secured the residence, fearing any drugs would be flushed down the toilet.

Inside they found Hodder, along some cocaine, a shotgun and ammunition hidden under a pillow. The officers returned with a search warrant and seized almost 11 grams of cocaine.

Hodder was arrested and later released, but police quickly learned he was back in business. On Nov. 20, 18 days after the first bust, police arrived with another search warrant and noted a new security camera.

This time they seized .4 grams of cocaine along with several bags of marijuana totally 38.5 ounces, and five cell phones. They also found .22 calibre rifle shells hidden in the seat of a reclining chair.

Hodder was arrested again and this time held in custody.

On Jan. 20, he appeared by video in Campbell River provincial court and entered guilty pleas on charges of two counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a firearm contrary to a court order, possession of ammunition while prohibited, three counts of breaching a court order, and assault causing bodily harm.

The assault resulted from an incident on Aug. 20, 2013, at Discovery Pier. Hodder confronted another man over a missing trailer and demanded $500.

When the man said he wouldn’t pay, Hodder “sucker punched” him in the face. The assault damaged the man’s cheek and orbital bones, requiring two surgeries to repair.

Hodder was born in Calgary and raised in Campbell River. By age 15 he was regularly using cocaine, but then stopped for most of his 20s as he worked as a commercial fisherman and construction framer.

According to his lawyer, Hodder relapsed after finding out his mother had cancer and is remorseful for his actions. As part of his sentence, Hodder agreed to take any drug counselling through probation services.

Judge Brian Saunderson accepted a joint submission from the Crown and defence for a jail term amounting to 14 new months, followed by 18 months probation. Hodder is bound by a lifetime firearms ban and must submit a DNA sample. He is also to have no contact with his assault victim.

Hodder’s common-law partner, Keilah Hanson-Ford, was also charged.