Logging truck action at Saratoga Speedway

The audience was treated to a Logging Truck Rodeo on the weekend of June 18th.

  • Jun. 23, 2016 4:00 p.m.

Log truck drivers competed in the Log Truck Rodeo at Saratoga Speedway on the weekend of June 18th.

Whats the most Redneck thing you have ever watched in racing?; Boat Racing? Trailer Racing? Well the weekend of June 18th at Saratoga Speedway may have topped you’re list as we presented the first ever School Bus race and Logging Truck Rodeo on a very rainy Saturday night.

Our School bus race saw Local fan favorites Jeff May and Sheldon Hopp ride their buses around. with many fans riding along with them as they raced side by side.

No winner was awarded as the race was just for fun, entertaining the near sell out crowd.

Our Logging Truck Rodeo saw two guys compete.

The first stage of action was to see who could pull out an engine in a car first, with the win going to Dan who beat Richard by 13 seconds;

The second stage was to throw the engineless cars far as they possibly could, with Richard beating Dan this time, out throwing his opponent by just two feet.

In order to break the tie each threw the cars a second time, but their first attempt ended up in a tie once again, so one more throw was in order to settle the tie. With that final throw, Dan would finally beat Richard, beating his throw by close to 10 feet to take home the Logging Truck Rodeo title, with all the action being sponsored by Fountain Tire.

The Hornet cars, Crash to Pass cars and the Galaxy Motor Mad Max cars were also on the card Saturday.

A new record of eight Galaxy Motor Mad Max cars took to the track, accompanied by 33 Hornet cars and eight Crash to Pass cars.

Heat race action would see #75 Dyland Leppord take home his first ever win in the Hornet D heat, with the other heat race wins going to #53 Rowland Westra, #16 Ashley White, #99 Glenn White, #90 Damon Dunn, and #40 Cam Edward.