Local huntress headed to Texas for reality TV competition

After a little more than a month gathering online support Chantelle Bartsch is in the top six of the Extreme Huntress competition.

Later this month she will be travelling to 777 Ranch in Texas for the week long filming of the reality web series.

“It’s been really humbling and really awesome that I have had, for the most part, huge community support,” Bartsch said.

A month ago Bartsch was worrying about getting enough votes to break into the top six, but now she can relax and do what she is good at.

Relax being the operative word, Bartsch works out twice a day and is at the gun range for around eight hours on Sundays. She is taking in only productive calories. She said she is training for a competition, she wouldn’t be able to do what she is doing long term.

“There is no room for error,” she said.

Not only is she pushing for peak physical fitness, she is also learning to use every caliber of rifle possible as well as hand guns. She has approached complete strangers at the gun range to ask for advice and been taken under their wing.

“I do need to ask for help and I’m not afraid to ask for help,” she said.

Bartsch is pushing herself to the extreme limits, but she doesn’t want to get hurt, not this time around. The last time Bartsch competed in a reality TV hunting competition she limped her way across the finish line on crutches because of a broken leg.

“If I need to step back and take it easy in certain events than I am going to do that,” she said. “It’s do my best, not worry about what somebody else’s best might be.”

The Extreme Huntress competition will air online. The top six contestants will compete in a series of events that test their physical fitness, shooting, tracking and hunting skills.

The episodes will air online weekly from July until January. The audience votes for which of the huntresses are their favourite. This vote is part of the final score that will determine who will be crowned the next Extreme Huntress.

When the contestants return home later in July, they won’t know who has won the contest. The winner will be announced at the Dallas Safari Club in January.