Leigh elected for eighth time

Following preliminary results, in Area D, Brenda Leigh was re-elected with 813 votes

There won’t be too many new faces around the Strathcona Regional District board table as most incumbents were returned to elected office Saturday night.

Following preliminary results, in Area D, Brenda Leigh was re-elected with 815 votes. Her challenger, Terry Honig, came in second place, garnering 642 votes.

And in Area B (Cortes Island), Noba Anderson was re-elected as area director with 287 votes. She edged out Bruce Brown who had 199 votes, and Delia Becker who finished with 52 votes.

Area C (Quadra Island/Discovery Islands) Director Jim Abram and Area A Director Gerald Whalley were officially acclaimed prior to Saturday’s election.

Director Leigh, who now claims eight consecutive election wins, said throughout the election campaign voters were engaged and there was a great exchange of ideas and information which Leigh will take to heart when it comes time for the board to prioritize issues and work plans.

Leigh said she is pleased to be able to continue her work as Area D director.

“I am really looking forward to the next four years of working with the Area D community and with my colleagues at the regional level as we move forward with a revised community plan, install the community garden and adult exercise equipment at Hagel Park, install a water pump station along Craig Road, see our new hospitals finished, our landfill plans completed and our libraries continuing to be upgraded,” Leigh said.

“I am so excited to be re-elected Area D director.

“It is truly an honour to continue doing the work I love – serving the wonderful people of my community and making a positive contribution to the health and well-being of our region.”

Leigh also thanked all of those who voted and her opponent for running and offering the electorate in Area D a choice.

On Cortes, Director Anderson, who edged out Brown, said although it was not a runaway win, she hopes to win the support of all Cortes Islanders.

“Close to half were ready for different leadership – change that you did not receive insomuch as a new face, however, I truly do encourage those of you who supported other candidates to speak with me and let me know what you want to see done differently,” Anderson said. “I promise I will be open to hearing your input and working with you.

“I have a lot of time for people who come both with concerns and suggestions.”

Anderson thanked her supporters and her campaign team for her re-election and said she will move forward on her key campaign issues.

Anderson plans on working to facilitate an economic plan, starting with a symposium next year to learn, as well as work with Island Health and BC Ambulance Service to fund and support better home care and community paramedicine.

Anderson also intends to better relations with local First Nations and focus on a Cortes zoning bylaw update.

The Strathcona Regional District holds its inaugural board meeting on Thursday, Dec. 11.