Laser lights temporarily ‘blind’ commercial driver

Campbell River RCMP seek culprits who shown laser pointers into driver's eyes

  • May. 15, 2012 8:00 p.m.

Police are seeking information about the culprits who flashed laser lights at a driver operating a fuel tanker.

The incident occurred Friday, around 10:30 p.m., on the Inland Island Highway near the Airport Main overpass.

According to Campbell River RCMP, the rig was heading north on the highway when the driver was hit in the eyes by laser pointers. He later told police the lights were red, green and white.

The laser did briefly affect his eyesight, forcing him to pull over the truck and tanker, and another driver had to be called in to safely drive the rig.

Fortunately, the driver did report his vision was getting better.

Police say the culprits may have been riding dirt bikes.

Anyone with information is asked to call RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Old scam brings another warning from Mounties

Police are warning of the re-emergence of an old scam.

It started with a Campbell River resident advertising an item for sale on the internet. A response was received from someone out of the country interested in purchasing the item.

The purported buyer sent a cheque via UPS courier for over double the asking price. The seller noted that some of the shipper information was incomplete and that their address was incorrect.

The buyer then advised via email that they had overpaid and asked to have the cheque cashed and the outstanding money sent back to them through a Western Union money transfer.

The buyer wisely checked in with the bank and discovered that the cheque was fake.

Anyone who was unaware and cashed the cheque and sent the money would then be out of pocket for that amount. This scam has been making the rounds for years and targets any listings of items for sale and is referred to as “phishing.”

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‘Gun’ turns out to be shoehorn

On Friday, shortly after 8 a.m., Mounties responded to an urgent assistance call at the Campbell River Airport.

Airport security had identified what appeared to be a firearm while conducting an x-ray scan of a departing passenger’s bags.

Police examined the bag the item was found to be a “boot jack” or long shoe horn. The item was removed from the bag and the passenger and flight departed.


It’s nice, so

driver slower


In the last week there has been an increase in calls about vehicles speeding through school zones.

With the nicer, sunnier weather motorists are asked to watch their speed and slow down in school zones and playground zones. Kids will also be out enjoying the weather and are not always paying attention to traffic.

In the last week police responded to 297 calls for service. Police dealt with three impaired drivers and issued four 24-hour driving prohibitions, one for drug consumption and three for alcohol.

As part of the ongoing crime reduction strategy and prolific offender management program, RCMP checked 23 known offenders who are on curfew or house arrest conditions imposed by the courts.