Workers covered up a landmark mural on the Shook

Landmark mural covered up

Leaking wall forces owners to install aluminum siding

Workers covered up a Campbell River landmark wall mural this week to end leaking during winter southeaster storms.

“Southeasters just drive the rain right through,” said Sid Shook, a partner in the law firm Shook, Wickham, Bishop and Fields which owns the building at 906 Island Highway.

“We basically had no choice but to clad the wall,” Shook said.

The orca scene, a popular landmark in the community, was painted on the two-storey south wall of the law offices and was a dramatic scene as you entered downtown Campbell River. It was painted 15 years ago but the lawyers felt they had no other choice after the stucco eventually wore out in the face of years of southeast storms. Blue steel siding covered the wall up and Shook said they will consider repainting it sometime but there’s no plan to do it now.

“It’s certainly with regret that we take the mural down,” Shook said.