Kids accidently start small grassfire in Campbell River

Some kids started a small grass fire early this afternoon while trying to use self-igniting briquettes to make a barbecue.

The crew from the No. 2 Fire Hall responded to the property adjacent to 2831 Denman St.

“Crews arrived to find a fence burning,” said Ian Baikie, fire chief. “It could have been a lot worse but we were quick and got it done before it got very big.”

The fence, as well as a 30- or 40-square-foot patch of grass, was damaged, Baikie said.

Playing with fire is a bad idea, he added, especially without supervision and during a fire ban.

The No. 2 Fire Hall has had a two man crew working weekdays since mid-January. Baikie said that this is just one example of how having a crew on the other end of the city has benefited the fire department.

“Those two guys there make the requirements to allow us to guarantee we can go into burning buildings when we don’t have a lot of volunteers around,” he said.