Just how important is driving to students, anyways?

During high school, teenagers begin to develop more independence

During high school, teenagers begin to develop more independence.

One of the greatest steps towards independence for most is obtaining their driver’s licence. Generally, high school students think driver’s licences are important. Seventy-nine per cent of the students interviewed said they felt having your driver’s licence is important. Not just for independence, however.

Many students explained how it also works as a valuable piece of I.D. Even the few who said driver’s licences aren’t important felt that teenagers might as well go for their licence since it’s easier to now than when you’re older. Unsurprisingly, a vast majority intend on obtaining, or have already obtained their licence. Only one student didn’t plan on going for his driver’s licence.

Everyone interviewed thought it was extremely unlikely for them to change their minds. However, if roads were to get too dangerous or if the environmental impact becomes greater or more threatening, they may consider changing their attitude towards the subject.

Surprisingly, ownership of a car doesn’t seem to be as important. This time the majority (63 per cent) stated that it wasn’t important to have your own vehicle. Many students said they would be okay with borrowing their parent’s car. Other popular reasons included car-pooling and public transit.

When asked about the Learner’s/Novice system in place by ICBC, 63 per cent felt that the current system worked. However, almost everybody had some ideas to make it better.

A few people suggested a higher age. Many suggested having mandatory driving lessons, as you can easily pick up bad habits from your parents who probably aren’t as up to date with the rules of the road as a driving school. A few people even suggested attaching a road test to compliment the written test in order to determine how long you would have your ‘L’ for. However, 84 per cent agreed that there are better alternatives to driving.

Essentially everyone said that buses and biking are better for you and the environment than driving.

Despite that, it would still appear the average teenager feels that, at the very least, having the ability to drive is an important skill.