‘Tis the season for barbecues at Carihi with the Relay for Life fundraising barbecue up today.

It’s barbecue season at Carihi

Throughout the month of May there has been three barbecues each sponsored by a different team

Spring barbecues at Carihi are a tradition.

They started in 2001 with Mr. Kreis’ entrepreneurship class and ran until 2006. They have been reborn in the last few years through leadership programs. The barbecues include a cheap hamburger meal and live music from the music composition class taught by Bill Young. They are full of spirit and part of what makes Carihi unique.

“It’s a great community builder. Beautiful days like today here in the summer, with everyone outside together, all sitting together having fun, it just really helps promote the Carihi spirit,” says Joe Shields, the coordinator of the barbecues and teacher of the senior leadership program.

Throughout the month of May there has been three barbecues each sponsored by a different team. Carihi Interact, Senior leadership and Junior Leadership have all participated, with all proceeds going to their individual Relay For Life teams. While the money is going to a good cause, students enjoy the event for its school spirit.

Gaelle Messmer, Gena Bannerman and Gurleen Mann, students at Carihi say they love “the live music, the fact we can be outside in the sunshine, and come sit with our friends. It’s school wide, and there are veggie burgers! So it’s versatile.”

“What’s unique is the mix of staff and students that come together. I see mixed tables of them sitting together having a chat. What’s really fun is last week, some neighbors from across the street came over. I thought it must have been someone’s mom because she stayed until the end clapping and cheering, but it turned out she just lived there. What’s unique is we’re part of a community. It’s a very open thing.”

The third and final barbecue is today, with the Relay for Life event on the 31st. If you’re in the neighborhood, swing over to Carihi for a burger and live entertainment.