Campbell River Search and Rescue was called to rescue a hiker whose dog was injured and unable to continue in Strathcona Park on July 19, 2020. Image by Campbell River Search and Rescue – Facebook

Injured dog and hiker rescued from Strathcona Park

Pair had been hiking Flower Ridge trail

Campbell River Search and Rescue was activated Sunday morning to aid a different kind of hiker than they are used to. This one had four legs.

According to a Facebook post, the dog had become injured while hiking with its human along the Flower Ridge trail in Strathcona Park and was unable to proceed.

The hiker had a satellite communication device, which she used to ask for help and tell rescuers where she was.

A pair of Campbell River SAR members were transported by helicopter to her location, about six kilometres in on the trail and at an elevation of about 1,250 metres.

“Thanks to the generous donation of helicopter time by Grizzly Helicopters, two Campbell River SAR members were able to fly in, locate the hiker and her dog, and bring them back out to their vehicle,” the post said.

The dog is OK, said Campbell River SAR.

The volunteer rescue group said the part of the park the hiker and her dog were in is “beautiful, but rugged” and was glad to see she had a form of satellite communication with her.