Flames consume the inside of an apartment on 7th avenue on Dec. 7.

Help sought for couple burned out of apartment

A friend of the couple caught in an apartment fire last week is trying to get them some financial help.

A gofundme account has been created to help them out and James Fowler is trying to spread the word about it.

“This young couple that I used to work with have lost everything in a house fire,” Fowler said. “Please think how hard it would be if you had to start all over.

“A lot of very generous people have come forward with clothing and there have been countless offers of furniture but until they are in a position financially    they  have no place to put anything. I’m hoping to raise enough to help them with storage costs and a deposit and rent on a new home.”

Around 8:30 a.m., Dec 7, Campbell River Fire Department received a call about a fire in the Ocean View Apartments on 7th Avenue, and upon responding, saw flames coming through the balcony and out the back of an apartment on the second floor, according to Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Doherty.

“Crews made a quick knockdown from the outside and transitioned into the into the interior and into the unit,” Doherty told Gord Kurbis of CTV News.

“We were able to get in there really quick and get a quick knockdown and keep the fire from spreading,” Doherty said, crediting the unit’s proximity to the No. 1 Fire Hall “just minutes away,” for their ability to contain the fire to just the one apartment, although several other units sustained smoke damage.

The two occupants were in the apartment when the fire broke out and tried to put the fire out, Doherty said, “but the fire was too great and they exited the building.”

If people are interested in helping the young couple, they can visit a gofundme account and pledge their financial support. Visit “Tamara and Joey House Fire”.