Campbell River residents are being encouraged to help clean storm drains of leaves and debris.

Help prevent flooding – Keep catch basins clean, Campbell River residents urged

Catch basins divert water from Campbell River streets into storm drains and the sewer system

Residents are being asked to help prevent city streets from flooding as the fall rain approach.

Catch basins divert water from Campbell River streets into storm drains and the sewer system. They are usually covered with grids that allow rain to run off the streets and block the way for larger objects. Some solids settle on the grid, while lighter material floats through.

Whatever ends up in the catch basin can flow into the storm water system and end up discharged into nearby ditches and streams and ultimately in the ocean.

Regularly cleaning catch basins helps prevent streets from flooding, reducing the chance of property damage and traffic and pollution hazards.

If catch basins are not cleaned, they can get clogged (with leaves and other debris), preventing water from draining off the street.

Water then builds up into ponds along streets and even flood intersections and homes.

Cleaning catch basins removes waste, car fluids, metals, sediments, leaves, sand, dirt and soil, preventing these from reaching nearby water bodies.

“Catch basins need special attention to cleaning in fall and after periods of snow and ice,” says Jon Isfeld, the City’s roads supervisor. “City crews work to ensure leaves or branches are regularly cleared from catch basins as well as sand and snow to minimize chances of localized flooding by ensuring rain or melting water can drain off the street.”

How you can help

Both commercial and private property owners are asked to help clear catch basin grids of objects in front of their property to help prevent and flooding.

“Stand on the curb and use a rake or pitch fork to clear leaves, limbs, and debris from the catch basin. Do not attempt to remove the grid, only clear the debris on top of the grate,” says Isfeld.

“It’s best to inspect catch basins before heavy rain, snow or ice in the forecast. Remove snow and ice or any other debris after a storm to maintain the opening of the catch basin,” he adds.

If you see a catch basin filled with debris below the grid, please contact Dogwood Operations Centre at 250-286-4033 to report the particular location. Never attempt to remove the storm drain grid yourself.