Group wants to Rock the River

The event is intended to be held on the playing field located west of Home Depot

Campbell River is poised to host is own outdoor music festival this summer.

Kealy Donaldson, the owner of JJL Productions, is in the process of creating Rockin’ the River – a live music festival scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 16.

The event is intended to be held on the playing field located west of Home Depot, on property owned by the Campbell River Indian Band.

But before Rockin’ the River gets the official go-ahead, the city has some conditions that need to be met.

“Before the city could approve the special event permit application it will require written verification of a plan for public notification,” wrote city clerk Peter Wipper in a report to council.

“It is important that area residents are fully aware of this event and how they will be impacted. Staff were pleased to hear that JJL has already distributed notices to area residents and has spoken with Wal-Mart representatives.”

In order to accommodate the festival, there would be partial road closures of 19th and 20th avenues between Maple and Petersen in order to prevent festival participants from creating parking congestion for local residents.

Entertainers slated to perform at the festival are: These Kids Wear Crowns, Kuba Oms, Don Amero, Georgia Murray, Brice Tabish Band, Danoig, Time Well Wasted, Diance Pancel, and Bentwood Boyz.

Admission to the festival is expected to be $70 with tickets available through the Tidemark Theatre box office.

Donaldson was successful at Tuesday’s council meeting in getting council to agree to extend the noise variance bylaw to allow music to be played until 11 p.m. the night of the festival.