Group targets unsafe intersections in Campbellton

Campbellton Neighbourhood Association believes some of the intersections qualify for traffic lights or additional signage

A group working to beautify and improve Campbellton has identified several intersections as unsafe and wants the city to do something about them.

The Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, through a recent planning inventory,  identified some key intersections that it feels pose a safety risk to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Jim DeHart and Brian Shaw, co-chairs of the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, wrote in a joint report to council and the province that the group believes some of the intersections qualify for traffic lights or additional signage.

The three areas that the association has tagged for improvements that fall under the city’s jurisdiction are: the crosswalk at 16th Avenue and the Wal-Mart parking lot; the 14th Avenue and Petersen Road intersection; and the intersection at 14th Avenue and Spruce Street.

The association is recommending pedestrian-controlled flashing lights for the crosswalk on 16th to improve pedestrian safety.

“The crosswalk and turn lanes at this intersection have created a major hazard for pedestrians,” writes DeHart and Shaw.

“Westbound vehicles stopping in the turn lanes give the illusion to pedestrians that it is safe to cross although traffic is blind to them.”

The Neighbourhood Association is recommending a four-way stop with flashing lights for the 14th Avenue and Petersen Road intersection.

“(The) 14th Avenue corridor has no stop signs or lights between the Island Highway and Dogwood Street,” writes DeHart and Shaw. “As a result, it is common to see traffic in both directions using excessive speed. Visibility is limited to Petersen Road vehicles because of commercial vehicles parked on (14th Avenue) and the curve to the east of the intersection.”

That particular intersection has already caught the attention of city hall.

The city’s financial plan for 2014 includes funding of about $200,000 for one additional traffic light in the city.

Petersen and 14th Avenue, along with the Alder and 2nd Avenue and Highway 19A and 2nd Avenue intersections are at the top of the priority list.

As for the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association, the group would also like to see a pedestrian controlled crosswalk with flashing lights put in at the 14th Avenue and Spruce Street intersection, to draw attention to what it deems a poorly illuminated crosswalk at Spruce Street.

The association is also appealing to the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for safety improvements along Highway 19A in Campbellton.

“At a minimum, all existing crosswalks on the Highway 19A corridor require repainting and improved lighting and/or signage,” writes the association.

The group would also like to see traffic lights, a four-way stop with flashing lights or a pedestrian controlled crosswalk put in at both the intersection of Highway 19A and Petersen Road and at Highway 19A and Maple Street.

The association is requesting the provincial ministry conduct a functional planning study for the sections of highway that run through Campbellton, which would include cost estimates and potentially open the door to specific capital works projects.

City council was expected to review the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association’s report at its Tuesday evening council meeting, after the Mirror went to press.