In a photo from a previous ‘shop local’ initiative held in June, a shopper from Gold River fills out her details to qualify for a gift certificate. (Submitted photo)

Gold River joins nationwide one-day local shopping initiative to boost economy

The Big Spend initiative urges citizens all over Canada to make local purchases on July 25

On July 25, Gold River residents will join over 100, 000 people from over 200 cities throughout Canada to participate in a one-day local shopping spree.

The idea is to help small businesses and reboot the Canadian economy that was hit hard after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Called ‘The Big Spend,’ the nationwide initiative urges residents to make an intentional purchase on Saturday at a local small business in Gold River and report the spending on the live Big Spend list. The mapping will help track the spending and economic impact across the country.

Shopping locally rotates money within the community, creates jobs, promotes entrepreneurship and paves way for economic resiliency.

This is not the first time, Gold River has come out in support of small businesses. Earlier in June, Gold River had its own local economic revival project, ‘shop local.’

The initiative encouraged residents to spend on local businesses and earn a chance to win $200 in gift certificates.

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“Since the shop local initiative was well received, we believe that residents will respond well to this initiative too,” said Gold River councillor Rachel Strattonwho is also part of the Economic Development Committee that is promoting the nationwide initiative in the village.

According to Stratton, shopping locally is not only a great initiative to “keep the dollar in town” but also a “safe way” to keep people in one place during the pandemic.

On a larger scale, Stratton also said that being part of a nationwide initiative is a nice way to connect with other smaller towns throughout the country.

To learn more about the Big Spend and to sign up to participate in the Big Spend visit the website