Garrett Warkentin

Garrett recognized for being a CHAMP

A local child amputee was recognized and honoured at Monday’s city council meeting.

Garrett Warkentin, 8, who was born a left arm amputee, was presented with a special certificate by Mayor Andy Adams in recognition of his involvement with the War Amps program.

Warkentin is an advocate of the War Amps Playsafe message and through presentations and displays, Warkentin encourages children to ‘spot the danger’ before they play.

Adams said Warkentin has gone “above and beyond” to help spread the message of staying safe and said Warkentin is an inspiration to the community.

“Council is inspired by your determination to lead a full, active life and applauds your work as a safety ambassador,” said Adams during Monday’s council meeting, adding that Warkentin has made a “positive impact in our community.”

This is not the first time that Warkentin has been recognized for his work with War Amps.

He has also received a CHAMP ambassador certificate for conducting a War Amps Playsafe presentation for his sister’s Grade 1 and 2 class and for hosting two displays at the local Children’s Health Fair.

Warkentin, through his advocacy work, has met children who have lost limbs in accidents that could have been prevented.

Warkentin also helps pass on the Remembrance Day message to the younger generation by laying a wreath on behalf of the War Amps Operation Legacy during the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph in Spirit Square.

Growing up, Warkentin has attended several regional CHAMP seminars where Champs and parents learn about the latest in artificial limbs, dealing with teasing and bullying and parenting an amputee child.