Garbage pickup extended

Multi-unit complexes in Campbell River can receive curbside garbage collection

Council will allow multi-unit complexes to take part in the city’s curb side garbage pick-up service.

Up until now, complexes with more than two units have been excluded from the city’s garbage program, with many townhouse and apartment complexes hiring private companies to pick up their garbage.

But on Tuesday night, council relaxed the rules and gave first three readings to a bylaw change that will give triplex and fourplex homes the option to be included in the curb side garbage collection.

“The City of Campbell River has received multiple requests to include an option for triplex and fourplex homes to participate in the city’s curb side collection program,” said Amber Zirnhelt, the city’s sustainability manager, in a report to council. “Expanding the city’s curb side garbage, recycling, and yard waste collection program to enable participation of triplex and fourplex homes aligns with the city’s sustainability priority for solid waste of moving toward zero waste through offering programs and services to divert waste from the landfill.”

Council also supported implementing a $75 fine for residents who put unacceptable material in their garbage can.

The city defines unacceptable material as:

  • Hazardous waste including any leftover household product that is marked flammable, corrosive, explosive or poisonous
  • Household furnishing or major appliances
  • Lumber, roofing materials and other debris from building construction and renovation
  • Logs, stumps, soil including rock and other excavated materials

Any triplexes and fourplexes that choose to join the city’s garbage pickup program will need to abide by the city bylaw of not filling a garbage can past 80 litres, and with garbage not weighing more than 20 kilograms. When council implemented that rule in January 2011, it was met with strong opposition. City hall received 208 calls from residents complaining about the new, stricter rules which many residents said they were unaware of and, when not in compliance, did not have their garbage picked up.