Fire Chief Ian Baikie (centre) assesses the situation at a house fire on Nunns Road this morning.

Fire breaks out in Willow Point home

Campbell River firefighters attend house fire

Firefighters are still on the scene mopping up a house fire on Nunns Road.

They were called out this morning around 10 a.m. and had to deal with a persistent burn in the attic of a single story home.

At one point it appeared firefighters were pulled out so that a BC Hydro crew could turn the power off to a transformer that had caught fire and was sparking periodically.

A transformer caught fire and another sparked dramatically, requiring a BC Hydro crew to cut power.


One end of the ground floor interior had already been severely damaged by the fire.

Flames continued to flare up periodically on the ground floor.

Watch and Wednesday’s Campbell River Mirror for updates.