Facebook sale leads to arrest of Campbell River man

It’s a bad idea to be holding stolen goods – even worse when you attempt to fence them on Facebook

It’s a bad idea to be holding stolen goods – even worse when you attempt to fence them on Facebook.

That’s what Richard Landry learned Monday when he received a 16-month jail sentence for a variety of offences.

“You’ve been a busy boy, so to speak,” said Judge Roderick Sutton.

Landry, 29, was facing more than a dozen charges, mostly stemming from a drug-fuelled crime spree that began on Dec. 14, 2012, and concluded with his arrest on Feb. 7.

He’s been in custody since his arrest. On Monday, following extensive talks between Crown and defence lawyers, Landry entered into a plea agreement that was accepted by the judge.

Landry pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of stolen property under $5,000, resisting arrest, and break and enter. The residential B&E occurred in May 2011.

In that case, Landry made off with a laptop computer, video games, tools and two iPods. The items were never recovered, but RCMP investigators did find a fingerprint on a high-up window that was matched to Landry’s prints.

He wasn’t caught then, but his name resurfaced shortly before Christmas as police investigated a number of residential break-ins and thefts. Some of the stolen property, particularly jewellry, was showing up at a local pawn shop.

On Jan. 25, police were conducting surveillance when they spotted Landry on 13th Avenue. Landry was ordered to stop, but ran into the nearby bush. A police dog failed to follow his track.

However, about two weeks later, Mounties discovered that Landry was trying to sell a relatively new snowboard on his personal Facebook page. It turned out the snowboard had been a Christmas present for a 16-year-old boy, but was stolen from the family’s residence.

On Feb. 7, a plainclothes officer called Landry and arranged to see the snowboard and that’s what led to his arrest. Landry initially pleaded not guilty to some of the offences, but changed his pleas on Monday.

More charges of break and enter, assaulting a police officer, obstruction and possession of stolen property were dropped by Crown prosecutor Adrienne Venturini in exchange for the guilty pleas.

The court heard that Landry was born and raised in Campbell River, but then spent some time in Calgary before returning to Vancouver Island. That’s when he became addicted to crack cocaine.

Landry did admit to taking part in one residential break and enter, but denied taking part in the others. According to his legal counsel, Landry was a middle man who fenced stolen goods.

In addition to the 16 months new jail time, Landry will also be on probation for 16 months following his release.