The Explorer Lab is excited to announce its first day camp offerings for kids who love the salt

Explorer Lab is launching day camps this spring break

THEY SAID IT: “I love the way that we can incorporate science-based discovery into the programming here.”
– Shannon Miller

Later this month, the Explorer Lab will offer its first day camps for kids who love the salt.

Ocean Kids programming this spring break will incorporate games and crafts with introductory marine science and staff members are looking forward to engaging with the children in a fun, hands-on way.

“I love the way that we can incorporate science-based discovery into the programming here,” said Shannon Miller, a volunteer who will be helping out with some of the sessions. “I cannot wait to get kids involved with the animals in the wet-lab and help them explore the strange-looking critters we pull up in the plankton nets.”

Like the Aquarium, the Explorer Lab is operated by the non-profit Discovery Passage SeaLife Society. The Lab will provide a range of community and family-focussed options year round, as well as curriculum-based programming for schools and homeschoolers.

“It is so exciting to be at this point,” said Deb Cowper, manager of the Lab. “We have been working towards opening this facility and we’re so pleased with how the community has supported the project with funding and equipment. It’s fabulous to see the bookings come in — and the enthusiasm of kids, parents and teachers alike.”

Details of the Ocean Kids day camps and other programs at the Explorer Lab can be found on the Aquarium website ( or on the Facebook page.

Don’t forget that the Aquarium opens May 14 for its fourth season. Let the fun — and the science — begin!