BC Hydro crews will be cleaning the John Hart dam intake gates on Tuesday

Elk Falls to flow at 10 times normal rate

BC Hydro crews have noticed grassy debris and woody debris building up on the John Hart dam water intake gate trash racks.

The debris, if left to accumulate, can cause pressure problems within the penstocks that deliver water to the generating station. To safely remove the debris, the amount of water drawn into the penstocks must be reduced.

BC Hydro has a fish flow target in the Campbell River below the generating station. With only about 40 m3/s coming out of the generating station during the cleaning process, the target river flow of about 85 m3/s will be provided by spilling about 45 m3/s down Elk Falls Canyon. The one-day spill will take place on January 19.

“We ask the public to stay away from the Campbell River above Elk Falls on January 19,” says BC Hydro Stephen Watson.

Safety warning signage will be in place.

“This will be an opportunity for the public, from the safety of the suspension bridge and lookout, to see Elk Falls flowing at a rate about 10 times normal,” adds Watson.