ELECTION: 2015: Conservative to skip Council of Canadians’ all-candidates meeting

North Island-Powell River: Doesn't meet the party's 'all-candidates meeting guidelines,' council chair says

Conservative candidate Laura Smith won’t be attending an all-candidates meeting organized by the Council of Canadians.

“Her campaign manager responded to our invitation stating our meeting did not meet their All-Candidates Meeting Guidelines,” said Rich Hagensen, chairperson of the Campbell River chapter of Council of Canadians.

The council’s all-candidates meeting will be held on Sept. 30 from 7-9:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) at the Baptist Church Auditorium 260 S. Dogwood St. The meeting will focus on health care, democracy and the environment.

“Our meeting will be an opportunity for everyone to hear and question candidates for our North Island-Powell River riding in the Oct. 19 federal government election on four important issues for all Canadians: Saving Public Health Care; Defending Democracy; Climate Change/Sustainable Energy Production/Protecting Water, and Ensuring Trade Justice (referring to Free Trade Agreements Canada has signed or is negotiating with other countries),” Hagensen said.

At the all-candidates meeting, after introducing themselves and presenting issues that are important to them and their parties, candidates will be asked to briefly respond to questions from the Council of Canadians about these four issues.

“We will then be asking people coming to the meeting to submit written questions on these four or other issues and our moderator will draw questions from each consecutive issue box to ask each candidate,” said Hagensen.

Before and after the meeting, people  will have an opportunity to meet with the candidates at their political parties’ tables set up in the foyer. Currently, candidates confirmed to be participating in the all-candidates meeting are Brenda Sayers (Green Party); Peter Schwarzhoff (Liberal Party), and Rachel Blaney (New Democratic Party).

“We hope that everyone encourages as many people as possible to get out and vote in this election and we hope that our All-Candidates Meeting will be informative in helping people to make their decision who to vote for,” Hagensen said.

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