ELECTION 2014: What should the next city council’s top two priorities be?

READERS POLLED on their view of what city council should make top priority

That’s the question we put out on our Campbell River Mirror Facebook page in hopes of getting the public’s view on what council’s priorities should be. Here are the responses we received.


  • Parks and maintaining services.
  • The city needs more available jobs in all fields, and more education in the arts and trades.
  • Attracting good long term job opportunities. Reduce city spending.
  • Encouraging new businesses to come here and encouraging more people to come here.
  • Stop waste spending.
  • Economic development. Spending of city council.
  • Tourism, encourage builders, developers to want to work with city. Three acre site development with mix of commercial/park/public and micro condos on top.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Supporting families with young children and teens – aka Generation Squeeze. Revitalizing Downtown.
  • Define a clear vision for the community and an action plan to get there. Address homelessness and poverty and unemployment. Get life and business in the downtown core.
  • Roads. Basic services.
  • Our property taxes going through the roof and the ridiculous spending be council such as new lights at bottom of Petersen. Four-way stop would have been sufficient.
  • Affordable city taxes and attracting young families to town.
  • 1) Lowering taxes for residents. 2) Making viable cuts at city hall.
  • Year-round yard waste pickup, fall through spring regular garbage can be picked up every second week to offset the cost of yard waste pickup.
  • Get taxes in line with other communities our size.
  • Adding more affordable housing units for seniors and low income citizens. Increasing the frequency of transit services. Buses should be at least every 30 minutes, not 40-60 minutes.
  • Economic development Reducing the city management structure to improve efficiencies and reduce management costs.
  • Figuring out our identity – are we a major tourism, retirement community, or do we cater to younger families and create jobs for them? Nobody knows who and what Campbell River is. Employment creation – do whatever is needed to bring in a major industry. Get our Local people back to our community working.
  • Leadership. Strategic Planning.
  • 1. Jobs. 2. Getting some coordination happening with the local tourism sector. We need more cohesive marketing as a destination – more events that attract visitors to Campbell River.
  • Greenspace. Poverty