ELECTION 2014: Walter wants back in

CITY OF CAMPBELL RIVER: Jakeway, Walter – Mayoral Candidate

Walter Jakeway

Mayor Walter Jakeway wants to keep his job.

Though it’s been no secret over the past year that Jakeway would be running for mayor again, he officially announced his intentions to the Mirror this week.

He’s up against Coun. Andy Adams and his predecessor and former mayor Charlie Cornfield.

Jakeway, with a background in engineering and business administration, said his experience makes him an ideal candidate.

“Working with a leadership team like council and overseeing a physical plant like the city is a natural role for me, similar to the duties that I handled successfully for most of the last few decades in the private sector,” Jakeway, 62, said. “A functioning infrastructure is more than concrete, garbage, and water – it is people; taxpayers and customers, managers and workers. It is decision making, serious money management, awareness, and grasping the future.”

Jakeway, who has been a Campbell River taxpayer since June 1976 and maintains he’s not a politician, said the upcoming civic election is about the taxpayers.

“Election day, November 15, is not about me. It is about you, the citizens, selecting a new council that respects and meets your expectations,” Jakeway said. “This election can be a positive turning point for Campbell River if the city voters choose a majority of new energetic smart council members who have a financially responsible, benevolent, yet common sense approach. Don’t let the opportunity slip away. Please vote for change and a brighter future.”

Jakeway, a husband, father and a grandfather, said if he is re-elected he will work to lower taxes.

“If the new council agrees, it will be operating within strict financial constraints, with minimal new revenue (lower tax rate) and reduced costs,” Jakeway said. “This is not a new concept to the private sector. Adapting these behaviours into the civic organization requires extra effort initially. There is no ‘quick fix’. Hype, fashion, and fancy words won’t make the required changes happen. It takes real work, clarity, and patience. After changing, Campbell River will stand out both provincially and nationally.”

Jakeway said if re-elected he will aim to secure investment in Campbell River.

“Campbell River citizens know the issues, decisions, and confusion of the last many years. In 2015 and beyond, our civic focus will be on a fresh, energetic future, a clear and positive direction, modest benevolence, and genuine respect for the taxpayers who are paying the bills,” Jakeway said. “Eliminating uncertainty and confusion is a significant magnet for new investor dollars. Believe it – they are watching. Investors are very aware of every local government vote and outcome.”

Jakeway, a semi-retired small business owner and president of CR Storage Warehouses, also plans to continue his open door policy.

“Although people each have different needs they all have the same basic desire, to be heard and respected,” he said. “When a taxpayer, business owner, developer, not for profit organization, potential investor, or visitor interacts with the city of Campbell River they must all receive timely and quality customer service and they must come away feeling satisfied about the experience.”

Jakeway said with him at the helm, Campbell River will be a place everyone wants to be.

“With solid qualified leadership and realistic goals, our city and region will stand out as an awesome place to visit, to live, to learn, to work, to invest, to create employment, and to retire,” he said.

Jakeway invites anyone who would like to talk to get in touch by calling 250-203-9603, e-mailing walter@crmayor.com or finding him on Facebook: Mayor Walter Jakeway.


Jakeway’s resume

  • Board member of the Island Community Economic Trust (ICET).
  • Habitat for Humanity volunteer for Hilchey Road build.
  • Advocate for social needs, particularly homelessness.
  • Former operations manager and engineering and maintenance manager at Alberni Specialties Paper Mill.
  • Engineering and maintenance superintendent at Mackenzie Pulp.
  • Maintenance foreman and project engineer at Elk Falls Pulp and Paper.
  • Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award.