ELECTION 2014: Top Priorities

CITY OF CAMPBELL RIVER: Christian, David – Councillor Candidate

David Christian

WE ASKED: What will be your top two priorities if elected?

If elected, I would work towards establishing a new residential and business tax rate history for this community. I have consistently stated, “when a community is managed within its means, it benefits everyone.” A community legacy of continuous tax increases is not good, I do understand the need to provide services at a level that provides an attractive livability in the community. Promoting sustainable growth will help provide the increased revenues that will provide better services to the community, as we can afford them. In addition, I do feel there are cost savings available. When some candidates say taxes can’t be cut, I say, “can’t means won’t try!” I feel Campbell River’s location to world class recreation is second to none. We have it all, with easy access to rivers, lakes, mountains, boating, fishing, the list is endless. We need to let the world know about our community’s strengths and successes. I would promote a collective effort between City Hall, and businesses that directly benefit from visitors and investors. This could reduce cost to the tax payers, as well provide broader and better promotion of our community as “the” place to live, visit, and invest. With our quality of life assets, stable predictable tax rate, and customer friendly City Hall, we gain considerable leverage in the competition to attract investment for our community. Thank you for your consideration.