ELECTION 2014: Cornfield withdraws from mayoral race, seeks election as councillor

Former Campbell River mayor Charlie Cornfield is withdrawing from the mayoral race to seek election as a councillor

Former mayor Charlie Cornfield is withdrawing from the mayoral race to seek election as a councillor.

“This is a very difficult decision that I did not take lightly. Many people encouraged me to run for mayor and I do not want to disappoint them,” Cornfield said. “This has been a particularly challenging year for me, losing my wife Heather to cancer. Being mayor is more than a full-time commitment that requires a great deal of time and energy. It is a very demanding role and, at this time, it is best for myself and the community that I do not pursue this high profile role.”

Cornfield previously served as mayor from 2008-2011  and as a city councillor between 1996 and 2005.

Cornfield said he did not take those roles lightly and he wants to represent the city once again.

“I remain passionately committed to our city and I am confident that I can be extremely effective and best serve the community as a councillor,” Cornfield said. “This will give me more time to focus and pursue local issues important to the people, such as fiscally responsible spending, new revenue sources balanced with economic, social and environmental considerations and ensuring meaningful public involvement managing our growth.

“If elected, I look forward to working with mayor, council and staff where my 12 years experience as a councillor and mayor will help build a cohesive team guiding us to a bright and promising future,” Cornfield added. “I am seeking your support, trust and confidence in the upcoming election. You can make a difference. Vote on November 15.”