ELECTION 2014: Claire Moglove seeks a third term on city council

CITY OF CAMPBELL RIVER: Moglove, Clare – Councillor Candidate

Claire Moglove

Campbell River lawyer Claire Moglove is seeking re-election to city council for what would be her third term as a councillor for the City of Campbell River.

“Campbell River has changed a lot since I first moved here in 1992,” Moglove says. “The look and feel of the city is greatly improved but we are still in transition from our heavy reliance on the pulp and paper mill. We are now a city of 32,000 people, and as we grow, the issues before city council have and will continue to become more complex. I am looking forward to the next few years in Campbell River and to being a member of a city council that is positive and progressive and works together to serve our residents and businesses.”

Moglove says the last six years have been challenging as the city has faced serious financial issues and, in particular, the loss of approximately $6 million in tax revenue resulting from the closure of the Elk Falls Mill.

But Moglove says the tide is starting to turn.

“In the past year we have seen significant developments in our downtown core and with the start of the John Hart Generating Station project and the construction of our new hospital there is now a renewed sense of optimism in our city,” she says.

“I believe the next few years are going to be very exciting for Campbell River and your new city council will need to plan for the time when we will lose the jobs generated by the major projects now underway.”

Moglove says economic development is the key for the city’s future prosperity and council can play a key role in this task.

She says the city also needs to work on attracting young people who are looking for good, sustainable jobs.

“The growing number of seniors moving to Campbell River is great but we need to attract young families,” Moglove says. “To do this we need to replace the well paying industrial jobs lost with the closure of the mill.”

Part of that is looking at the bigger picture.

Moglove says her connections to senior levels of government is a valuable asset to Campbell River council.

“Taking a regional and provincial view of local government issues is also important. I bring that perspective to council in my positions on the executive boards of both the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities (AVICC) and the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM),” Moglove says. “In these positions I have established strong working relationships with mayors and councillors from around the province. This experience has been very valuable as many of the issues we face as local government representatives are similar and potential solutions can be shared. I have also had the opportunity to meet with cabinet ministers, MLA’s and provincial staff members. Our city often relies on senior government funding, especially for infrastructure, and it is important to have respectful and positive relationships with them.”

Moglove said while the city has come a long way in her six years on council in dealing with the issues surrounding downtown and Campbellton revitalization, water and sewer infrastructure planning, financial planning, homelessness, seniors, bus shelters, sidewalks and greenhouse gas reduction, there is still much work to be done, including attracting residential development in the downtown area.

“I am proud of the work I have done over the past six years in moving many important issues forward and in particular my role as chair of the Regional Hospital Board for the past three years,” Moglove says. “Six years ago a new hospital was a dream and now construction has begun.

“During my two terms as a city councillor I have respected and supported the strategic priorities set by council. I have also supported the Official Community Plan which represents the hopes and vision of the community,” Moglove adds. “I make sure I have a sound understanding of the issues as they arise, both at the city council table and at the regional boards to which I have been appointed. I will continue to do so should I be re-elected. I will continue to strive to keep an open mind and listen to all points of view before making any decision.”

Moglove said her time spent on city council makes her a strong candidate.

“I have the experience and the knowledge required to make a difference in our city going forward,” Moglove says. “Campbell River has a bright and promising future. I want to be a part of that future and I will continue to work hard to make sure Campbell River achieves its potential.”

To contact Claire Moglove, call (250) 287-1612 or e-mail clairemoglove@shaw.ca