ELECTION 2014: Candidates’ responses to YPCR forum questions

MARLENE WRIGHT – Vision for job creation and areas of city to focus on

Marlene Wright

1.Are there any particular areas of the city you would like to focus on and why?

One of the areas that I would like to focus on is expanding the promotion of sports and arts tourism. For a sustainable future we need more young families to live in Campbell River. Sports, arts, and recreation have tremendous lifestyle and economic value. Spend the most promotional dollars on the sports that can provide the most revenue for the city. This year the provincial lacrosse tournament was hosted by Campbell River lacrosse. Twenty six teams participated from across the province. Thiis was a great boost to the City economy and was great entertainment. There was not a lot of publicity. Vigorously promoting such events will draw better attendance and more attention to our city. This will add to the sustainability of the city and enrich our lifestyle.


4. Vision for job creation i Campbell River

We must support economic development so that young families can make a good living in Campbell River. For more jobs we need to attract investment. Government does not create jobs- it is the private sector. Seymour Pacific built a firs class head office here with more than 150 jobs . Berwick and Comfort Inn are two more new businesses. Sealand Aviation located at the airport has tremendous potential for expansion. Marine Harvest has 200 employees in Campbell River. Most of their employees range between 25 and 40 years old. All of this is good for our future. We need more young families. More investment will mean more jobs. This will help build a sustainable future for Campbell River.