ELECTION 2014: Candidates’ answers to YPCR forum questions

MICHELE BABCHUK – Question 1: Are there any particular areas of the City you would like to focus on improving?

  • Nov. 14, 2014 1:00 p.m.

Michele Babchuk

For me there is a few areas but it has to start with developing a culture of respectful dialogue within council.  If we can create a safe diverse table for discussion then we can tackle some of the hard issues that need addressed. I’d also like to work with council and senior management to create a long term vision for the city and we should start by looking at some of these foundational document that are parked on a shelf somewhere in City Hall. We invest a lot of money into developing these documents like the SOCP, the strategic plan and the transit plan to name a few, but to date I can’t see a common vision that occurs in them.  How do we communicate to the citizens of Campbell River and the rest of BC what Campbell River is trying to achieve or the path that will help future opportunities if we truly don’t have a vision. If we can get this done it will allow Council to determine priorities that will shape budgeting decisions and allow for transparency and accountability. It will allow council to be a pro-active as opposed to reactive.