ELECTION 2014: After 21 years as director, Leigh ‘knows the ropes’


Brenda Leigh

Brenda Leigh has been nominated for re-election to the Strathcona Regional District as director for Area D (Oyster Bay-Buttle Lake).

Leigh, who has served as Area D director for 21 years, says she “knows the ropes” and knows the government structures within which she works.

Regional Government is a total team effort and includes working with the public, staff and other directors, and sometimes with upper levels of government and other agencies to get the best results for the area, according to Leigh.

“Regional Directors are directly connected to the people of their communities and they are the closest government to the people,” she says.

Leigh, who holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications from Simon Fraser University, has lived in Stories Beach for 25 years.

She raised two boys and her home was known as the ‘Elite Hockey League of Lynwood Road’ by all the kids in the neighbourhood. Leigh’s boys were fully immersed in sports, reading, music and school and now have successful careers in other provinces.

Leigh previously worked for the Mine Manager at Myra Falls, Maintenance/Planning at the Elk Falls mill, Child Protection Officer with the Ministry of Human Resources, Personnel Administration for Marathon Oil in London, and as a counsellor for Youth Employment Services, as well as several Youth Projects with the Canadian Red Cross in Vancouver.

Leigh also served the Nor-Isle Co-op in Campbell River for seven years as a member of its Board of Directors.

Leigh currently serves as vice-chair of the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board, Hospital Board, Strathcona Recreation Commission, Board member of the Strathcona Regional District and Chair of the Black Creek-Oyster Bay Services Committee and, additionally, serves on the Comox Valley Regional Board for services that affect Area D.  Leigh is also an Honorary Member of the Oyster River Enhancement Society.

Leigh is a strong supporter of the Oyster River Fire Rescue Society and has helped provide the volunteers with the facilities and equipment they need to provide the best possible protection to our residents.

“My motivation is the wonderful people of Area D who so boldly stand up for what they believe in. I love the spirit of the people of my community,” Leigh says. “I admire every single person who defended Area D in the latest referendum, held on June 28.

“Our Area D citizens do not take their freedoms for granted and a 70 per cent voter turnout with an 84.3 per cent majority against joining Campbell River was a clear indication of how we feel about our rural community. Democracy is alive and well in Area D.”

Leigh says she takes her work as a local government representative very seriously, representing Area D full-time and giving of herself 100 per cent.

Leigh says she would be pleased to be chosen to continue to serve the people of Area D in the upcoming term.