Drug-fuelled rampage leads to more jail time

A 26-year-old man with a history of violence is back in jail after threatening to kill two people.

A 26-year-old man with a history of violence is back in jail after threatening to kill two people.

Devan Daigle has previous convictions for assault and other property offences, most of which are directly linked to his long-standing drug habit.

His latest offences occurred last month, during the course of what appeared to be another drug binge.

On Monday, in Campbell River provincial court, Daigle appeared by video from jail in Victoria and entered guilty pleas to charges of uttering death threats, theft under $5,000, and driving while prohibited.

He was first arrested Dec. 1, after stealing goods amounting to $10.34 from a convenience store.

The RCMP officer who arrested him near the 7-Eleven noted in his report that Daigle appeared to be high on heroin.

He was released from custody on a promise to appear and then had another run-in with police on Dec. 23, when an officer spotted Daigle driving on Cedar Street, near JJ’s Pub.

The officer knew Daigle did not have a driving licence and pulled the vehicle over in a nearby parking lot.

The vehicle belonged to another man, who was seated in the passenger’s seat, and drug paraphernalia was also found.

The arresting officer noted in his report that Daigle got out of the vehicle and began screaming, “I’m a f—— idiot.”

The third and final incident occurred Christmas Day.

According to Crown prosecutor Adrienne Venturini, police received a call from a woman on Dec. 25, who said Daigle was threatening to kill her, another man, and then himself.

By the time officers had arrived, the woman had fled the residence in fear, while Daigle was found running around searching for her.

The woman told officers that Daigle had arrived at her residence two days earlier with enough cocaine to treat everyone for the holidays.

But on Christmas Day, Daigle began ranting that he couldn’t find the cocaine and began turning the house “upside down.”

That’s when he threatened to kill the woman and another man at the residence.

Daigle has remained in custody since the Christmas incident.

At Monday’s sentencing hearing, defence lawyer James Hormoth said his client wants to get back into drug treatment for the second time in two years.

Judge Doherty sentenced Daigle to another 40 days behind bars for the death threats and the theft, plus one year of probation.

He was also prohibited from driving for one year and fined $500 for the Dec. 23 offence.

In addition, Daigle was ordered to stay away from both 7-Eleven stores.