Driver sideswipes Campbell River RCMP cruiser

A driver sideswiped a police cruiser that had two vehicles pulled over for speeding on Highway 19 last Thursday

On Sept. 8, at approximately 4:50 p.m., an Island District Traffic Services member had two vehicles pulled over for speeding infractions on Highway #19, just north of Roberts Lake, said Sgt. Craig Blanchard, unit commander for the North Vancouver Island Traffic Services.

The RCMP vehicle had emergency lights activated and was pulled over to the shoulder of the roadway.

A black Chevrolet Avalanche, travelling northbound, failed to slow down or move over, and sideswiped the police vehicle, breaking the side view mirrors on both vehicles, Sgt Blanchard said.

As a result, the Chevrolet Avalanche was pulled over, and the female driver was issued a violation ticket for “Fail to Slow Down/Move Over for a Stopped Emergency Vehicle.”

Blanchard said North Vancouver Island Traffic Services would like to remind drivers that when official vehicles with illuminated red and/or blue lights, or flashing amber lights are stopped on the side of the highway, drivers on the highway (in either direction) must slow down when approaching or passing the official vehicle to 70 km/h if the posted speed limit is 80 km/h or more or 40 km/h if the posted speed limit is less then 80 km/h.

These rules do not apply to a highway that is divided by a median. Drivers must also move over into another lane if it is safe to do so, Sgt. Blanchard said.