Don’t believe the gas price hype

A station in Campbell River posted gas at 99.9 cents a litre, but the station is closed and the pumps are out-of-order

Campbell River motorists were hoping for a gas war when they saw the price at Fas Gas on Friday

Motorists couldn’t believe their eyes when they passed the Fas Gas Plus station on Friday morning.

The price on the display sign read 99.9 cents for a litre of regular gasoline.

But drivers’ elation quickly turned to disappointment as they pulled up to the pumps. Both pumps had out-of-order signs taped to the glass.

Not only that, but the store was closed and most of the shelves in the convenience store appeared empty. Calls to the store also went unanswered.

According to website, the night before the price for a litre was $1.33.9 at Fas Gas. In rest of Campbell River, the price remains at $1.34.9.

But if you’re looking for a deal, just drive south of the Oyster River. At the Shell Station in Black Creek and at the Esso in Merville, the price is $1.27.9 a litre.

In the Courtenay, the cheapest gas is at Costco, $1.24.9 a litre, and $1.25.9 in the rest of the Comox Valley.