District agrees to $500 for wildfire relief

The District of Port Hardy received a letter from Port Alice Mayor Jan Allen requesting donations be made to the Red Cross to help aid in wildfire relief.

“The Village of Port Alice has donated $1.00 per resident to help aid in the Wildfire Relief,” wrote Allen.

“We appreciate the efforts of the fire fighters, RCMP officers, and first line responders that have been working tirelessly around our Province.”

Allen added they “appreciate that the Red Cross is always supporting these responders and the families affected by this crisis.”

Coun. John Tilbury requested a flat donation of $500 be made to the Salvation Army instead of the Red Cross.

Coun. Pat Corbett-Labatt wondered why it mattered who the donation was made to.

“Because the Red Cross has the bigger mouth,” said Tidbury.

Coun. Rick Marcotte said they can donate to whoever they see fit, “it doesn’t have to be the Red Cross.”

“Before we pass it, could we direct staff to find out what Salvation Army is doing up there?” asked Corbett-Labatt.

“I’ll email it to you,” said Tidbury.

“I think the motion should be that we will donate $500 and direct staff to determine if we give it to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, whichever of the two will match our funds,” said Coun. Leightan Wishart.

“Makes sense to me,” said Corbett-Labatt.

Both Tidbury and Marcotte agreed as well and the motion was passed.

– Tyson Whitney article