Walter Jakeway

Develop a strong council leadership team

Three questions for mayoral candidates – Walter Jakeway

1. Campbell River has wonderful views, but what it needs is a clear vision of the future and specific goals.

With solid leadership, stable taxes, and a positive, receptive attitude, the world will see that it’s true.

Campbell River has oceans of opportunity. Our city will visibly stand out as a wonderful community, an awesome place to visit, and an excellent place to live, learn, retire, invest, and create employment.

Election day, Nov. 19, can be a positive turning point for Campbell River if the city voters choose a majority of new dynamic council members who have a financially responsible, benevolent, yet common sense approach. Don’t let the opportunity slip away. Vote!

2. If I am elected mayor my role will be to develop andwork with a strong council leadership team capable of providing clear goals, competent oversight, and excellent results. A nimble team able to challenge and grow the potential of our city. Our new council would support an energetic future offering common sense,  respect, benevolence, clear vision, and financial responsibility.

3. The city employees are the real customer service representatives of the city. They need to be an active part of the information distribution and collection process.

The senior city managers will regularly visit local businesses and interact with citizens to confirm and receive feedback re the effectiveness of city services.

The city website will be replaced with a modern user friendly site that is energized and dynamic.

A website that boldly promotes local events, not-for-profits, and links to local businesses.

The economic development group will use basic bold marketing to promote  Campbell River world wide.

Council Meetings will be podcast. With fewer long meetings and as existing procedures are streamlined the results and feedback will hopefully improve.