This vacant motel building is facing a demolition order by the city. A fire has gutted the Island Highway building and graffiti covers the walls both inside and outside.

Demolition ordered on old motel

City council is ordering a former motel building to be demolished

City council is ordering a former motel building to be demolished.

The building along the foreshore at 391 Island Highway, once part of the Eagle’s Nest Motel, is sitting vacant and has fallen into a state of disrepair, said Karl Read, the city’s bylaw officer.

“This matter relates to the building at the foreshore level that has been vacant for some time and has sustained substantial fire damage,” Read said.

“Prior to the fire damage the building was habitually accessed by unauthorized persons. Efforts by the owner to secure the building were regularly thwarted. The fire exposed further wall openings to the building. Particle board, which was put in place by the owner after the fire in an attempt to secure the exterior, has been ripped off.”

Read said the fire has compromised the structural integrity of the building, making it unsafe to anyone who tries to enter the building.

The city sent a letter to the owner on Aug. 29 requesting the owner apply for a demolition permit to tear down the building within 30 days. However, Read said that to date, “no action has been undertaken by the property owner.”

City council, at its Tuesday meeting, voted to send a remedial action notice to the owner asking the property owner to get a demolition permit from the city.

If the owner does not comply, city contractors will carry out the demolition and removal of demolition material themselves, at the owner’s expense.

Coun. Charlie Cornfield said it’s unfortunate that it’s come to this.

“I thought it was really disappointing to see the condition of that house, knowing that families lived in there before,” Cornfield said.

“Just going from what it was to what it is now. It’s really a shame that things can be vandalized to that extent and is now requiring demolition.”

The empty building, in addition to the fire, has also been hit by vandals who have covered both the inside and outside walls of the building with graffiti.

Read said the city will give the owner six week to prepare and apply for a demolition permit which could require several pieces of documentation because of it being so close to the foreshore.

Read said the owner will be given another six weeks after that to complete the demolition and remove all demolition materials.

Mayor Andy Adams said he was pleased to see city staff taking the initiative in dealing with unsightly vacant buildings.

“I just want to acknowledge the city clerk and bylaw officer,” Adams said.

“This is consistent with the direction of the former council to address vacant buildings and how they need to be dealt with in the public nuisance bylaw.”