Daughters of the Vote participate in mock question period

Naomi Parkhouse (right)

Naomi Parkhouse, the Equal Voice’s Daughters of the Vote delegate for Powell River-North Island, participated in a mock question period in the House of Commons on Wednesday for International Women’s Day with her fellow delegates.

“I’m incredibly pleased to see so many inspiring young women such as [Parkhouse] here in the Ottawa. We still need better representation in the House, today’s event makes me very hopeful,” said Rachel Blaney.

The Equal Voice’s Daughters of the Vote initiative was implemented to inspire young women to participate in politics.

One young woman from each of the 338 Federal ridings was chosen to come to Ottawa to take her seat in Parliament in hopes that she is inspired to participate in the formal political sphere in the years and decades to come.

During their short time in Ottawa, participants heard from Federal representatives, watched question period, met with their local representative, marched to celebrate International Women’s Day and were guests of honour at an evening gala.

Parkhouse is studying Sociology and Social Work at the University of Victoria.

To further her skills, she is studying to complete the Health Care Assistant program at Vancouver Island University. Parkhouse is passionate about services, facilities and programs for seniors and those who suffer from mental illness.