Councillors get assignments

The biggest change is that council meetings will move from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights.

Changes to the council meeting schedule will take effect next month.

Mayor Andy Adams announced the changes as well as council portfolios and appointments at the Dec. 16 council meeting.

The biggest change is that council meetings will move from Tuesday nights to Monday nights.

Adams said the reasoning behind the change was to assist the media.

“To provide our friends and colleagues at the press…that are watching our backs literally in these (council) chambers to be able to report on the results of council meetings in the most expeditious manner possible,” said Adams who noted that there was general consensus among council to make the switch.

Council meetings will continue to begin at 6:30 p.m.

Adams also worked with administrators at the Strathcona Regional District in making the council schedule.

“We’ve also worked to align council meetings with the Strathcona Regional District. We had previously our council meetings on the first and the third week of the month and Strathcona Regional District meetings were on the second and fourth,” Adams said. “So what we’ve done is, we’ve sort of loaded up on the second and fourth weeks, which then provides some opportunity for council to paint the fence, cut the grass, spend time with family or just do some constituency work throughout the community on the various commissions and committees that they will be appointed to.”

Adams also assigned council portfolios, based on prior discussions with each member of council to gauge their areas of interest.

The portfolios assigned are:

  • Mayor Andy Adams-Finance
  • Coun. Ron Kerr-Culture and Heritage, First Nations, Tourism
  • Coun. Charlie Cornfield-Public Safety
  • Coun. Colleen Evans-Economic Development, Tourism
  • Coun. Marlene Wright-Community Planning, Recreation/Parks, Environment
  • Coun. Larry Samson-Public Works and Transportation, Seniors
  • Coun. Michele Babchuk-city liaison to school board, youth


Commission and committee appointments

  • Strathcona Regional District board-Adams, Cornfield, Samson, Kerr and Babchuk
  • Comox-Strathcona Regional Hospital board-Adams, Cornfield, Samson, Kerr and Babchuk
  • Comox-Strathcona Solid Waste board:-Adams, Cornfield, Samson, Kerr and Babchuk
  • Strathcona Gardens Commission-Adams, Babchuk and Wright
  • Vancouver Island Regional Library Board-Kerr
  • School board/city joint liaison committee-Samson, Babchuk and Evans
  • Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel-Wright, Evans and Cornfield
  • Community Health Network-Samson and Kerr
  • Governance Review Select Committee-Adams, Samson and Kerr


City commissions and corporations

  • Advisory Planning and Environment Commission-Adams, Cornfield, Samson and Wright
  • Community Services, Recreation and Culture Commission-Kerr and Evans
  • Economic Development Corporation Rivercorp (non-voting)-Adams
  • Campbell River Airport Authority (non-voting)-Samson and Evans


Internal Committees and Task Forces

  • Community Partnership Committee-Babchuk and Wright
  • Proposed Forestry Task Force-Cornfield
  • Proposed Development Advisory Task Force-Adams and Evans
  • Proposed Public Waterfront 3.5 Acre Site Task Force-Adams and Wright