Councillor wants to spiff up Campbell River’s downtown core

Wants council to allocate $10,000 from council’s strategic priority contingency fund

Coun. Claire Moglove wants council to invest in the downtown core.

Moglove served notice at the March 19 council meeting that she will put forth a motion at council’s April 9 meeting asking for funding to clean up downtown.

Moglove wants council to allocate $10,000 from council’s strategic priority contingency fund for “enhanced downtown cleanup and maintenance in 2010 and that city staff work with the Heart of the City BIA (Business Improvement Association) to develop a work plan.”

Moglove has been a strong supporter of downtown revitalization and in particular, of Seymour Pacific’s plans for a new downtown headquarters building, to help restore that area of the city.

“This is a game changer for Campbell River,” Moglove said in January, referring to Seymour Pacific’s new project. “If we’re going to change our downtown, if we’re going to revitalize our downtown – and our downtown is the heart of the city – then this project has to go forward and this will change Campbell River for the better.”

The downtown core has been a contentious issue for businesses.

Jan Tees of the Downtown BIA wrote a letter to council last year expressing her dismay with the condition of downtown sidewalks.

“Walking through town today was disheartening – dirty sidewalks, garbage and leaves in the gutters, dandelions sprouting from cracks in the sidewalk – it looks neglected,” Tees said. In addition to Moglove’s most recent effort to cleanup the city’s downtown area, council has also budgeted $50,000 for downtown and Campbellton improvement and revitalization design work in 2013.