Council briefs: Multi-family recycling

Council is implementing mandatory recycling for multi-family complexes in Campbell River

Council, at its May 9 meeting, gave third reading to a bylaw amendment that will require all multi-family complexes to implement a recycling program no later than Dec. 31.

The bylaw will apply to all apartments and strata complexes occupied by more than four families.

Multi Material BC is providing financial incentives of between $17 and $20 per unit per year to cover basic weekly recycling programs for buildings that sign up with an MMBC-approved program. In Campbell River, Sun Coast and Emterra are the qualified collectors with agreements with MMBC and, combined, are already collecting recycling from 16 multi-family buildings in the community.

Vacant buildings

The city is cracking down on the owners of derelict buildings.

Council adopted a set of vacant building regulations that will require owners to ensure that all doors, windows and other openings on the basement and main floor levels are covered with a solid piece of plywood and secured with coated spikes. The exterior of the building must be free of graffiti and all outside walls must be free of holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards and they must be periodically painted with a protective coating.

If an owner does not meet the maintenance requirements, the building will be added to a vacant premises registry. If the owner does not bring the vacant building into compliance within 30 days it will be subject to a fine or remedial action.