Colleen Evans. Photo contributed

Colleen Evans. Photo contributed

CITY COUNCIL: Colleen Evans running for re-election

After serving two consecutive terms as Campbell River City Councilor, Colleen Evans is standing for re-election in the upcoming municipal election on Oct. 15.

“I know from my close connection to many of you that the last few years have been challenging on families, friends and businesses and you welcome a more balanced time, as Campbell River evolves,” Evans said in a press release. “I see the effects of these changes and the opportunities they present for our city. I bring my positive leadership coupled with extensive professional experience to find creative solutions for taking action on the issues and opportunities we face as a growing community and clarity to the concerns that are affecting Campbell River lives and livelihood.

“In conversations I had throughout our community, I’ve heard inspiring reasons on why you choose to live and invest in our city and I’ve heard the recent issues and priorities that matter most to you and your families. I welcome the opportunity to take action for: Fiscally prudent long-term stability; Safe and inclusive spaces to live, work and play in; Attainable and diverse housing; A resilient local economy that attracts investment, workforce and residents; Safe and vibrant downtown core; Climate change adaptation; Valuing arts and culture and Supporting our most vulnerable residents. I remain focused on delivering what matters to people in Campbell River

“Campbell River is a great place to live! We take pride in our resilient community with our shared values for its natural beauty, our multi-nation history and community spirit to help others in all aspects of our lives.

“Campbell River’s evolution will require steadfast leadership to determine appropriate action on managing growth, attracting investment, ensuring financial stability and creating safe, connected and vibrant neighborhoods. To achieve this, I’m asking for your vote to Re-Elect Colleen Evans for Councilor – A dedicated and proven leader who is committed to community and a positive future for Campbell River.”

To connect with and support Colleen: email at, visit; or on Facebook at Campbell River Councilor Colleen Evans.

– From a submission by Colleen Evans

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