Despite rumours to the contrary

Clown threats no laughing matter

School District says ‘no clown-related incidents’ have occurred

School District 72 (SD72) is asking students and staff, “not to wear clown costumes to any school function,” while this whole “creepy clown” thing is going on.

Sightings of the so-called “creepy clowns” have been on the rise recently across North America, including recent sightings in many major cities in Canada. The clowns have been reportedly terrorizing innocent citizens by following or stalking them, and several of the characters have been apprehended by police in various locations across the country. Some, mainly teen-aged youth are facing charges of mischief, though there have been no reports of physical violence being perpetrated by any of the costumed pranksters.

SD72, in an open letter to the community issued today from superintendent Tom Longridge, is stressing that, despite rumours to the contrary, there have been no clown-related incidents at any schools here.

“As many of you may have heard through media coverage and on social media there have been incidents in B.C. and North America relating to ‘creepy clown’ threats,” Longridge says. “Some of these threats have referenced kidnapping or targeting schools with threats of violence,” it continues, adding that rumours, primarily amongst middle and secondary school students, have been circulating that similar threats have been seen and/or heard here in Campbell River, which Longridge says is untrue.

“However, with Halloween around the corner and given the sensitivity at this time, students and staff are asked not to wear clown costumes to any school function,” and reminds staff, students and parents to contact their school principal should they become aware of any potential risks or have concerns about the clown trend.