Don Craig/Government Communications Claire Trevena was sworn in as the Minister of Transportation on Tuesday, July 18.

Claire Trevena: It’s a steep learning curve

Norht Island MLA Claire Trevena said since being appointed the new Minister of Transportation she has been busy getting up to speed.

“It’s a steep learning curve,” she admitted.

But, she said, she is very lucky in many ways because she has been the transportation critic in the official opposition for the last couple of years so she knows many of the issues that are coming up.

“There are a lot of things to learn, one is the way things work but also really getting up to speed on all of the issues that face the ministry, not just the headline ones,” she said.

Since the swearing in ceremony on July 18, Trevena has been in breifings and discussions with staff, literally “getting feet under the table.”

“The issues of really making sure that we fulfill our campaign promises, our platform promises, to make things better for people, to make life more affordable and make the services work for people and make sure our economy works,” she said. “This with the transportation file is paramount because we have got questions of cost.”

Some of the issues right now are around ferry costs, bridge toll costs for those in the Lower Mainland and highway maintenance Trevena said.

“It really is ensuring that life is made better for the people of B.C,” she said. “And however I can do that through the ministry of transportation, making sure that transportation networks work… so that individuals, communities and businesses can thrive in B.C.”



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