City pays $588,020 more in 2014 salaries

Topping the list of salary earners among council is former Mayor Walter Jakeway who made $60,985

The City of Campbell River paid out $15.87 million to its employees and city council members in 2014.

That’s $588,020 more than the city paid out in salaries in 2013.

As 2014 was an election year, four members of council made significantly less than their counterparts as they were only on the payroll for roughly one month.

Topping the list of salary earners among council is former Mayor Walter Jakeway who made $60,985 while accumulating expenses of $3,757.

Current Mayor Andy Adams earned $23,837 which accounts for his pay as a councillor and as mayor. Adams had the highest expenses among council at $5,091.

Councillors Ron Kerr and Larry Samson each earned $22,261 in 2014 and spent $2,697 and $3,361 respectively.

Former councillors Claire Moglove and Ryan Mennie each earned $21,457 while former Coun. Mary Storry made $20,774 last year.

New councillors Michele Babchuk, Charlie Cornfield, Colleen Evans and Marlene Wright all earned $804 and accumulated $317 in expenses each.

Councillors earned slightly more last year than in 2013 when they were paid $22,057 for their service.

As for city staff, the city paid out $9.5 million to its employees, with the majority of senior staff earning six-figure wages.

The highest paid employee was former city manager Andy Laidlaw who made $182,455, followed by Deputy City Manager Ron Neufeld who earned $150,987 and David Morris, general manager of facilities and supply management, who earned $140,553.

Ross Milnthorp, the city’s general manager of parks, recreation and culture, earned $120,469 while Capital Works Manager Jason Hartley made $119,566. Rounding out the list of the top-paid workers is: Amber Zirnhelt, sustainability manager, at $113,032, City Clerk Peter Wipper at $109,385, Transportation Manager Drew Hadfield at $109,292 and Utilities Manager Jennifer Peters, who earned $109,092.

Some the city’s highest earners, however, worked outside of City Hall – the city’s firefighters.

The top earner at the fire department in 2014 was Fire Chief Ian Baikie with a salary of $132,261, followed by Deputy Fire Chief Chris Vrable who earned $117,850, fire captain Reid Wharton who made $117,229, fire captain Ken Dawson who earned $116,972, Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Doherty who made $116,496 and captain John Baker who brought in $115,467 in remuneration.

Ron Bowles, the city’s general manager of corporate services, said the city is doing well financially.

“In 2014, we have an increase of $3.8 million in net financial assets, so our organization is moving forward in a positive light,” Bowles said. “We are in good financial health.”