The City of Campbell River published their 2021 annual report. (Sean Feagan - Campbell River Mirror)

The City of Campbell River published their 2021 annual report. (Sean Feagan - Campbell River Mirror)

City of Campbell River publishes 2021 annual report

Report looks at the year, highlights acheivements from 2021

The City of Campbell River’s annual report for 2021, which looks at performance indicators, department summaries and other achievements of the year, is now available on their website.

“The annual report is a detailed summary of what the City has achieved in the course of a year,” says Mayor Andy Adams. “In the face of ongoing challenges, the community and the City showed resilience and strength in 2021. We thank Campbell Riverites, who made adjustments with the many changes that we all experienced.”

Part of the document is a city scorecard, which puts the city’s year in perspective through numbers. Highlights from the 2021 annual report include

– 100 per cent of construction projects completed on budget

– 2,828 emergency calls responded to

– 31,027 visits made to city fitness studios and weight rooms

– Over $100 million in building value saved from fire

– Fine particulate never exceeded the provincial health objective average of 25 micrograms per cubic metre, which translates to zero days of poor air quality

– 88 per cent of citizen satisfaction survey respondents were satisfied with services and programs provided by the City

– 404 building permits issued

“The city scorecard section offers residents a snapshot of the work we do here at the City and the impact it has on the community,” says City Manager Deborah Sargent. “Staff are pleased to report that the City continues to operate from a position of financial stability and resiliency while also identifying financial challenges that exist and lay ahead due to the impacts of COVID-19 and other economic factors.”

Paper copies are available at City Hall.

The City is required to produce an annual report that includes the City’s audited financial statements and permissive tax exemptions. This year’s report deadline is June 30, 2022. City Council will review the 2021 Annual Report at the June 27 Council meeting.

To view the City of Campbell River’s 2021 Annual Report, visit the City website or request to view a copy at City Hall.

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