City chooses local dealer to replace trucks

The city will spend $155,479 to purchase four light duty pickup trucks from Steve Marshall Motors.

Council approved the transaction at its Monday night council meeting following a Request for Offers process that yielded three different bids.

While O’Connor Motors came back with a cheaper price, $148,214, city staff said the company scored lower in the bidding process because it did not meet the posted specifications, including cab configuration.

Tyee Chevrolet was the third bidder, coming in with a bid greater than Steve Marshall’s at $159,710.

Clinton Crook, the city’s senior buyer, said Steve Marshall’s asking price is within council’s approved budget of $165,000 funded from the city’s equipment replacement reserve and water reserve.

Three of the new trucks will replace end-of-life trucks used by the city’s roads, parks and water departments while the fourth truck is a new acquisition for the water department – an addition approved by council under the city’s capital plan.

Dave Morris, general manager of facilities and supply management, said the trucks being replaced will be retired in some fashion.

“In some cases they’re traded in, other times they’re sold on B.C. Auction,” Morris said. “In this particular case it is our practice to ramp up a little bit with rentals during the summertime so what we’ll be doing is retaining those vehicles until the end of the summer. They will be disposed of in the fall.”

The city’s Request for Offers closed on Feb. 17.

Submissions were evaluated by the city’s Asset Management and Supply Management departments.