Child struck by car at Dogwood and Robron, escapes with minor injuries

11-year-old boy had right-of-way, charges have been laid against driver

An eleven year old boy was crossing South Dogwood Street at the Robron crosswalk when he was struck by a car Tuesday morning, according to Campbell River RCMP.

Thankfully, the boy was quickly transported to hospital but was later released with only minor injuries.

After an investigation by Campbell River RCMP, who brought in the RCMP Traffic Services Reconstructionist, the initial investigation reveals two factors may have contributed to the incident: glare from the sun and possible hesitation by the boy to cross and the driver to wait.

The crosswalk lights were functioning, according to Cpl. Ron Vlooswyk, but when the boy did cross, he was struck by the car. The driver of the car was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to yield to a pedestrian.

“We are so thankful this did not end in a worse case.” Vlooswyk says. “Pedestrians have the right of way and drivers must stop for them at intersections and in crosswalks.”