Changes to Campbell River’s Dogwood and Alder streets proposed

The Master Transportation Plan was adopted by city council at its meeting May 29

A document that suggests changes to Dogwood and Alder streets was approved by council last week.

The Master Transportation Plan was adopted by city council at its meeting May 29. The plan is supposed to serve as a guide for the next 10 years for the city’s transportation planning and investment decisions.

Creating the plan has been a two-year long process that has included public meetings, a steering committee and Urban Systems consulting firm.

“The plan includes a review of the existing community transportation systems and next steps for all forms of transportation within the community that include pedestrians, cyclists, transit and vehicles,” said Drew Hadfield, the city’s transportation manager.

The plan suggests adding dedicated left-turn lanes on Dogwood Street at Merecroft Road, Evergreen Road, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 16th avenue intersections in order to improve traffic flow.

On Alder Street, the plan recommends installing traffic lights, or roundabouts, at the Alder and 2nd Avenue intersection as well as at Merecroft Road and Alder. It also suggests curb extensions at all major intersections and crosswalks along Alder, as well as sidewalks along both sides of the entire street. Finally, to help control the volume of traffic along Alder, the plan recommends signage at the Dogwood and Alder street intersection encouraging drivers to use Dogwood as the primary route to downtown, as opposed to Alder.