Baby Skye Alexandra MacLean was “landed” at Painter’s Lodge Monday by mom Brett

Catch of the day in Campbell River: seven-pound, six ounce baby girl

Surprise birth at historic fishing lodge not just another fish story

Painter’s Lodge has dubbed this baby “the Catch of the Day” even though she weighed in Monday morning at just seven pounds, six ounces.

The little keeper is Skye Alexandra, the “very cute and slightly premature” second child of Quadra Island couple Brett and Allan MacLean. Skye was born in a rush at 8:28 a.m. in the “Pat Martin Bates Suite” at the famous fishing lodge.

Brett, 27, said: “We had no time to think, no time to even consider calling for an ambulance. I did not even go into labour…it was quite a morning.

“Allan is more than elated because he’s a hard core fisherman and to have a daughter born in a famous fishing lodge is a big deal.”

The MacLeans had come over to Campbell River on Sunday for an appointment with their midwife Yarrow Fox.

“Yarrow said I was getting pretty close to having the baby and should play it safe and stay in town rather than chance returning to Quadra,” Brett said. “That was amazing advice. I might have had the baby on the ferry.”

Unprepared for the birth, the MacLeans and their friends on Quadra kept the Painter’s/April Point Lodge water shuttle busy Monday ferrying over essentials including diapers and a car seat.

Painter’s General Manager Christine Fleming said in all of her 19 years at the lodge she has never registered a birth. “We’ve had lots of fish stories to tell, but nothing like this. This catch of the day is precious.”

Painter’s is nothing but good luck for the MacLeans. Last year Brett won a fishing derby there with a 15.5 pound Spring. And, Fleming has informed the couple that the Pat Martin Bates Suite, named in honour of the Victoria artist, will be reserved every year on August 20 for the exclusive birthday pleasure of Skye and her family.

“Pat will be thrilled to know she is now sharing the honours with Skye in Room #8,” Fleming said.

“That’s awesome,” said the proud Mom.